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Have questions? We have answers

Below are some of the popular questions that we are asked.

Do you provide any free tools?

Yes, we do - with very high limits. Please visit our tools section, and request access for the same. We have tool for keyword ranking, review tracking, app intelligence, most helpful section, ML powered anomaly detection etc.

We do it already in-house?

We've been into this for years, and we constantly design, maintain and build techncology around app discovery. Since 2016, we've been focusing on improving our ASO stack and lost count of algorithm changes. You could even A/B test and pick any broad set of keyword.

I have bad vitals, what can I do?

We can setup advanced monitoring system to help you priortize bug fixes - from the organic visibility point of view. We can even give you engineering support to help figure it out.

What results can I expect?

It depends on two things - the level of access we get, and the quality of basic app metrics like crashes/retention etc. If they are in the top Quartile of your peers - or even at the median, you could expect a significant spike in non-brand organic visibility.

How can you help us with engagement or retention?

You'd need to integrate our SDK, or get us access to the raw data of your current Analytics tool. We may need 3-4 sessions with your team to understand your product and business objectives and scale things up from there.