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Free Auto Suggest Google™ Search Keyword SEO Tool

September 11, 2023
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Keyword Auto Suggest Tool by Nextlabs. Get free access.

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Keyword suggestion tool


The Keyword Autosuggest tool is a valuable tool for anyone conducting keyword research. While Google offers a free Keyword Planner Tool for web searches, there is no tool for keyword planning for Google Play from Google. The Keyword Autosuggest tool supports Google Play, Google Search, and YouTube, which makes it an essential tool for any digital marketer or app developer.

How Does the Google Keyword Suggestion Tool Work?

When a user types a search query, they get a list of suggestions. The suggestions are based on the probability of a user selecting the keyword based on the typed letters. For example, if a user types "car race," the most likely suggestion is "car race game."

The importance of Keyword Autosuggest Tools

Few users type all their search queries; most users rely on autosuggestions to find what they are looking for. The platforms themselves know the search patterns better than anyone else, and the autosuggestion tool is an invaluable piece of data for keyword research.

How to Use Autosuggestions for Keyword Analysis

To use the Autosuggestion tool for keyword analysis, look for permutations and combinations of keywords and sort them based on relevancy. You can use the tool to find keywords for your website, generate and identify important keywords for your app, or conduct keyword research for SEO purposes.

How the Add-on Works

To use the Autosuggest Add-on, you need to install it, initialize the sheet, enter the keywords, language, and country, and wait for the tool to pull up the autosuggestions.


The tool pulls up autosuggestions in real-time. However, Google may conduct A/B testing, which can affect the accuracy of the suggestions.


While the tool provides a relative metric, you cannot use it to find keyword search volumes. The tool is available for free, and you can use it to pull long-tail keywords in any country and language.

How to Get the Free Auto Suggest Tool

To access the Autosuggest tool, you need to download the add-on from Google Workspace.

Feature Requests

If you have any feature requests, contact us, and they will be happy to add them to the roadmap.


The Keyword Autosuggest tool is an essential tool for any digital marketer or app developer. It allows you to pull keyword suggestions from multiple platforms and helps you identify important keywords for your website or app. With the tool's accuracy and real-time autosuggestions, you can make better-informed decisions about your SEO strategy.

September 11, 2023
min read
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