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App Rank Checker - Android & iOS Rankings

September 27, 2023
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Track app rankings. Android & iOS. Any country. Go to the website or integrate it via UI.

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Search & App Rank Tracker

    We have a free keyword tracking tool. This tool can be used on Android & iOS and has a good free tier. This tool is designed to overcome the severe limitations of traditional keyword tracking tools, which have less generous free plans, standard daily tracking, geographical limitations, and a separate interface. We wanted to make this tool affordable and accessible, so we made it free for any normal use case with up to 100 k/w per day per platform.

    Introducing our newly released public version of an internal keyword tracking tool, now available with a free tier offering 200 keywords (100 each on Android & iOS) and no restrictions on the number of apps.

    Here's the reasoning behind this decision: Existing keyword tracking tools come with significant limitations, such as restrictive free plans, daily tracking limits, geographic restrictions, and separate interfaces.

    Considering these drawbacks, we took action.

    We value the convenience of spreadsheets and the ability to track keyword rankings multiple times a day. Regarding the limitations, our goal was to provide an affordable solution.

    Upon discussions with our team members, we reached a consensus: let's offer free access for typical use cases (up to 100 keywords per day per platform). And that's exactly what we've implemented.

    Track app rankings - Android & iOS

    To access this free tool, you can add the sheet Add-on available at https://workspace.google.com/marketplace/app/nextlabs_app_ranking_tool/528449240098. To use the tool on the UI, you can visit appvector.io. You can direct go to these links and get the access to the tool.

    FAQs for the App Rank Checker Tool and API Access:

    • How do I track my app rankings?
      You can use our free app ranking tool and track any keyword for Android & iOS apps in any country.
    • Is Rank Tracker Free?
      Yes, you can track up to 200 keywords and 1000 keywords per organization for free. You can contact us to apply for more limits.
    • Can I track rankings daily?
      Yes, you can track the rankings every hour, every 12, 24, or 72 hours depending on your preference.
    • How do I get an API token for this rank tracker?
      Please visit appvector.io to get the API token.
    • Can I track app ranks in any country?
      Yes, you can track app ranks in any country.
    • Can I sign up and directly track the ranks without using Google Sheets?
      Yes, you can sign up on appvector.io to track your app ranks.

    We also offer many other free ASO tools, which you can find on our tools page.

    September 27, 2023
    min read
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