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Ultimate Guide to Create google play store screenshots

January 28, 2023
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Google play store screenshot size Guidelines are significant for creating awesome screenshots. Read on to learn more about screenshot sizes.

App store optimization
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App screenshots are one of the key visual elements of your app that helps in boosting the app's downloads. During the app launch and when you update your app, it is vital to check your app's visual elements.

Apps in Google Play with the perfect screenshots are sure to get more visibility and impressions in the search results. Google Play displays app screenshots when users search with your app brand name.

The app store visitors can see your app screenshots on the app store listing page. However, the app screenshots can also appear in the search results when potential users look for your app in the search bar or when your app gets featured by the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store screenshot size guidelines.

Below are the mandatory requisites for your app screenshots before the launch and when you update. Adhering to these guidelines will help you rank better in the app store and increase your chances of being recommended by Google Play.

  • The app screenshot's max dimension should not be more than twice as much as the minimum dimension.
  • You can include two to eight app screenshots in JPEG or PNG formats with a minimum dimension of 320 pixels and a maximum dimension of 3840 pixels.
  • The maximum size of each screenshot must not exceed 8MB. The aspect ratio must be 16:9.
  • Use the given slots for the app screenshots to highlight your app's benefits and features effectively.
  • The exact requirements apply if you are uploading screenshots for tablets.
  • Device – Wear OS, one screenshot that shows the app's interface in a 1:1 aspect ratio for a minimum size of 384 x 384 pixels.
  • Device – Android TV, one screenshot allowed. The TV banner image must be in JPEG or 24-bit PNG format in the dimension of 1280 x 720 pixels.

Effective tips for designing impressive app screenshots.

Google Play considers those apps that stick to the app store screenshot guidelines and requirements for app recommendations. Features and app recommendations by the app stores will significantly boost your app installs. 

Therefore to make yourself eligible for Google Play recommendations, ensure to follow the requisites as defined by Google Play Store to present your app as error-free and a quality choice for potential users.

  • Your apps should have at least four screenshots in 1080-pixel resolution. For landscape orientation - 1920x1080 pixels and portrait orientation - 1080x1920 pixels.
  • For Games, include at least three screenshots in a 16:9 aspect ratio. For landscape - 1920x1080 pixels and portrait - 1080x1920 pixels. The screenshots must display the in-game experience.
  • App Screenshots must have quality content highlighting the app's core features and benefits. So, the user gets an overview of the in-app experience before downloading your app.
  • Arrange the most important and appealing screenshots in the first three slots.
  • The captions should match the game's or app's functionality and must not occupy more than 20% of screenshots.
  • Do not use promotional or action-inducing words in the screenshots, such as top, best, new, and download now.
  • Ensure your screenshot content is not specific to a time unless it targets season-based content.
  • When you localize your app, do not just translate. Understand the expectations and beliefs of your regional audience and tweak the app screenshots accordingly.
  • Avoid using icons, logos, or competitor's characters in the screenshots without their permission.
  • Do not stop with one set of screenshots. Google Play Console allows you to explore and experiment with different versions of your app store listing. So, create versions considering the audience, seasons/events, and your app features. You can run A/B tests for each app creative and choose the best-performing one.
  • When choosing the app screenshots, consider the target audience's point of view. The features, values, and benefits they would like to be assured of before downloading your app.
  • Focus on the language, user preferences, competitors' themes, and market trends to update your app screenshots regularly.
  • The app screenshots must be chosen and arranged like a storyline giving the user a clear understanding of the pre and post-download process.
  • Use the popular keywords in bold as a screenshot header. Among the first three screenshots, add one that can instantly earn the user's trust.


  • App screenshots are one of the key visual elements of your app that can be optimized with a proper App store optimization strategy.
  • Designing and optimizing app screenshots that can convert app visitors into users takes time and effort. 
  • Begin by knowing where the app screenshots will appear in the Google Play Store. Market analysis is essential to understand the features and benefits the app visitors would like to see.
  • Stay informed of Google Play's screenshot size requirements, guidelines, and updates. 
  • Make sure your app content is worthy of being considered for Google Play recommendation.
  • Let your app screenshots tell a story of the core features, user benefits, and app's brand message to the app store visitor.
  • Arranging the app screenshots in proper order is equally important. Begin with the most critical screenshots and the ones that can convince potential users.
  • Implementing an ASO strategy will be an effective tool for choosing, researching, testing, and optimizing the best app creatives for you. 
  • Remember, the best app screenshots can hold the user's attention and educate them, efficiently converting prospective visitors into loyal users.

January 28, 2023
min read
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