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The Significance of Ad Networks for Mobile App Monetization.

January 28, 2023
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Ad networks for mobile app monetization are an excellent platform that helps you earn more revenue. Read on to know how they work.

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Ad networks for mobile app monetization are an excellent market that help you earn more revenue and to buy and sell ad spots. These ad networks are the most advantageous marketing tactics because your target audience already uses android or iOS devices. So, they do not need to switch to another device to install a new app.

Conversions happen quicker, boosting your app’s growth.You need to also focus on boosting your app monetization. However, charging or asking the user to invest at the very beginning may put off potential users. So, you need to analyze and choose the correct monetization technique from which the app and the user can benefit. 

Among the many effective app monetization methods like in-app purchases, subscriptions, in-app ads, and freemiums, we will learn more about in-app ads and their many benefits.

Key terms in in-app ad networks.

Before learning about the different ad formats, let us look at the key terms related to ad networks.

In-app ad publisher

Ad publishers are app developers looking to advertise and monetize from their apps by placing advertisements within the app. Ad networks that serve the ad publishers are called (SSP) supply-side platforms. Ad publishers focus on the metric called eCPM (effective cost per mille), which is the revenue achieved for every 1000 impressions.

In-app ad advertisers
They place ads within your app and advertise it by reaching out to new potential users. Their ad networks are called (DSP) demand-side platforms. Ad advertisers focus on return on ad spend (ROAS), calculated by dividing the revenue earned by the campaign cost.

Cross-promo ads
They can route your existing users to other apps in your portfolio. These ads work best for games or fitness apps that work on scheduled activity.

Ad mediation platforms
These platforms can increase your revenue by making the work of publishers simple as they allow you to access several ad networks via integrating a single SDK. It combines many ad buying methods like cross promo, deals, DSPs, and more and will bring you the best ad network with a high eCPM.

Types of in-app ad formats.

Mobile app ads are used primarily to route the existing user to your website, app product page, deep link, or banner.

Banner ads.

These ads are simple formats that users can see as they work on the app. Banners are rectangular-shaped ads that have images, text, or graphics. They can be in standard, MREC, or square format, which can be refreshed during intervals.

Video ads.

These are effective ads that can grab the user’s attention to give a new product/service trailer, connect, or can tell an exciting story.

Native ads.

Native ads are subtle advertisements that do not intend to disturb the user. They look very similar to the app’s UI and seek a negligible space within the app. So, they improve the user’s app experience rather than interrupting them.

Interstitial ads.

Users must complete a task, wait for a few seconds, or select exit to close the ad. You can get creative and play a full or 360 degree video, give game previews, and offer to convert in freemiums. However, you need to be cautious that these are not repetitive or disruptive, ending up annoying the users.


In-app ad networks offer a platform for ad publishers and marketers to advertise and monetize from the app. You can also boost your income by buying and selling ad space and increasing your user base through an ad network.

Choose the most advantageous network that is reasonably priced, gives high eCPMs, targets your audience well, and creates quality ads. Find the network that will be suitable for your target region and audience. 

Find your app’s unique selling points or niche to benefit from the in-app ad networks. According to your niche, you can then select the suitable ad format and succeed in monetizing with the support of an app store optimization strategy.

January 28, 2023
min read
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