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Techniques to Boost Your App Ranking.

January 29, 2023
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Know our top tips on how to increase your app ranking in the google play store. Read on to learn more before crafting your ASO strategy.

App store optimization
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Google Play is a global platform with over three million apps divided into 32 categories. ASO (app store optimization) is the most popular and effective method that aids in boosting your app's visibility and, thereby, growth. 

Craftingan effective ASO strategy helps you to achieve a high ranking and optimize your app creatives. You can rank well in the app store search results only if your app and its performance meet Google Play's algorithm criteria. The Google Play algorithm considers several key factors to rank your app and define its success.

Read further to understand the process and the most important factors influencing the Google Play algorithm ranking. 

Google Play’s app ranking process.

  • The keywords you use in your app's creatives. play a vital role in influencing the algorithm. Google Play understands the user's search expectations by the keywords they use. 
  • The search algorithm looks for apps that match the search query and then lists them in the app store search results. The relevant keywords are the connecting point here.
  • Depending on the keywords in your app's metadata, Google Play will index your app. These keywords must be the most relevant and popular ones. 
  • The Google Play algorithm also considers the app's conversion, retention rate, and number of downloads before ranking your app.
  • Achieving a high ranking depends on your app's content quality and functionality. Both can offer an enhanced user experience and boost your app's ranking.

Top tips for high app ranking in result page.

  • Devise an effective ASO strategy that can guide you in consistently improving your app store listing and ranking well in the Google Play Store.
  • Prioritize keyword optimization to boost your app store ranking. Your keyword strategy must involve Keyword research, choosing the right keywords based on relevance and popularity, and measuring the traffic volume of these keywords.
  • You can also combine the keyword strategy with other app marketing tactics to boost the app's visibility.
  • Your app's visual elements play a crucial role in increasinging conversions. So, create different versions of your app creatives, test them, and choose the best-performing app creatives for your app store listing.
  • Localization of your app is a key factor in boosting your app ranking. When you localize, you customize your app to various regional audiences. Study your local audience's beliefs, moods, preferences, and seasonality before localizing. The more the app's relevance to your target audience, the higher the app conversions and rankings will be. 
  • Developing and maintaining a strong relationship with users will keep Google Play's good books. Encouraging user reviews and responding to their feedback is of key importance.
  • A quality app with good ratings and reviews will have a high chance of being featured, boosting your app rankings.

Major Google Play ranking factors.

  • The primary Google Play ranking factors center around improvising your app elements. 
  • The app title can be 30 characters long. Include main keywords here to optimize the search results.
  • The short and long descriptions, which are 80 and 4000 characters long, provide you an opportunity to showcase your app's functions, features, and uniqueness. Use your app's brand name and relevant keywords in the right proportion. 
  • The keywords in the developer name will be indexed by Google Play and appear below the app title.
  • For an added keyword boost, include the most relevant keywords in the app's package name. You can do this only once before the app launch.
  • The app store visitors can view and read the user ratings and reviews. It indicates your app's quality. So, the higher the app review and ratings, the higher the chances of being featured.
  • Monitor the Android vitals consistently to fix app crashes and other technical errors. Low ANR (app not responding) rates can negatively impact the app's ranking and revenue.
  • App downloads and retention rates are metrics that are for a specific period. An increased number of downloads indicates your app's relevance to the target audience. The retention rate indicates if your app's performance matches what was promised to the users. High retention gets you long-term loyal users.


Begin by developing a proper ASO strategy and optimizing your keywords. This will make your app more relevant to potential users. Optimize your app creatives to convert impressions to app downloads. Localize your app by making it more relevant to suit the preferences of local users. 

Offer users quality app content and experience to earn their positive app ratings and feedback. High app ratings can boost your app ranking.

Analyze your top competitors and their success techniques. However, all these tactics need time and effort to reap results. A well-planned app store optimization strategy can help your app's growth and boost your Google Play ranking.

January 29, 2023
min read
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