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Know Everything About the Google Play Store Updates in 2022.

June 7, 2023
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Google Play Screenshots must be within the resolution range Google prescribes. Know more about how to design compelling screenshots within that.

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New features and yearly update by Google Play focuses on improvement of app quality and security policy.. In early 2022, Google Play has made a few significant changes that you, as an app developer/ marketer, must be aware of. Knowing these updates will help you update and optimize your app to maintain your app's growth curve.

Changes to Google Play Store privacy and security policies.

Google Play strives to make the app market a safe platform for users and app developers. So, to improve the privacy settings, Google Play has made three significant changes.

  • To help developers make intelligent choices about SDKs (software development kits).
  • To safeguard apps from privacy breaches and fraudulent activities.
  • To make the app's data security practices more transparent for the users.

Google Play's assistance in choosing SDKs.

The introduction of the Google Play SDK Console in 2020 helped developers with statistics and as a communication channel between the developers and SDK providers. The key benefit is to be assisted by Google on SDK issues and warned about SDK issues before the release.

Improved security measures by the Google Play store.

Google Play has improvised its app integrity tools, safeguarding apps from fraudulent activities. Google Play App Signing update will help the apps in the app store ensure that app-related updates can be trusted. 

The Play app signing to protect signing keys usually use Google Cloud Key Management. You can do an app signing key rotation annually within the Google Play Console. With the introduction of Google Cloud Key Management, you will be able to view storage specifications and Google's security process to protect the keys.

The Google Play Integrity API will allow app developers detect interactions with fraudulent sources such as traffic from pirated apps or risky mobile devices. Detecting these can safeguard the app's revenue and user privacy.

Google's new data safety section

 The app developers must disclose their data privacy and security policies in the app store listing. This helps the user to make well-informed decisions before downloading the apps. Google Play will reject apps that do not adhere to this disclosure. 

 Google Play tools to improve app quality.

App quality determines the success of your app. Google Play has introduced tools to monitor and maintain the quality of your app.

Google Play's Developing Reporting tool:

This API will help you to access metrics and issues outside of Play Console, such as crash and ANR (app not responding) rates, clusters, and stack traces. You can update these metrics in your tools.


You can now link your app with the Crashlytics app to view the Google Play track information.

Reach & Devices: 

This tool will give you clear insights on user distribution, app issues, and revenue-related metrics for those apps monetizing on Google Play.

Wear OS:

You can now run internal and open app tests on different form factors by using this operating system.

In-app updates API:

Within 15 minutes, you will know of the available updates, prompt the users and complete the update without the user having to leave the app.

While these Google updates and tools help improve the app's quality, the app optimization process becomes a bit tedious. So if you are using third-party tools to optimize your app, you will also have to update the changes there to ensure integrity.

 Change in the Google Play Store layout.

With the latest changes, Google Play's desktop layout has also changed. The left-hand sidebar is replaced now with more exciting navigation at the top. It has tabs for apps, games, books, movies, and kids. In the top right corner, the slot for your profile photo, a menu for help, and a search button are available as well.

Google Play Store has not changed its desktop layout for a long time. So, the new design is to match the mobile and desktop designs.


Google Play introduces several updates and improvements to fix existing bugs, improve the app store security, privacy, and provide more opportunities for apps to grow. 

This minor update or policy change certainly pushes you appropriate your ASO strategy and the relationship between the app store and your app. So, remember to:

  • Keep your app's privacy settings updated.
  • Stay informed of Google Play's latest SDK guidelines.
  • Explore and implement the new UA features, such as deep links and custom app store listing.

Most importantly, give your ASO tool and marketing campaigns time to adapt to these updates and changes.

June 7, 2023
min read
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