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How accurately can you forecast your impressions?

January 29, 2023
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Accurate forecasting of impressions is an important building block of an ASO strategy. Here's how to accurately measure impression.

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Google Search Console provides data regarding how your user interacts with links and contents from your website. Their performance report shows various metrics. But in this article, we will focus on just 2 metrics.

  • Impressions: An impression is a parameter used by Google which quantifies the user interaction of your site. 
  • Position: It is the relative ranking of the position of your link on the basis of the keyword being searched.

Now it is obvious that if a site ranks higher i.e if its relative position is at the top, it will get more visibility which will translate to more impressions.In this article, we will use our proprietary PositionAnalyzer tool to chalk out this same problem.

The Data 

As with any machine learning model, we will need historical data as an input to our Position Analyser tool. To give you an idea, let us  look at our sample data.

In addition to position and impressions, our sample data has a few other interesting parameters.

  • date: the date on which the data was captured
  • device: the type of device from which search has been made.
  • country: the country from which the search has been made.

The input query

The PositionAnalyzer tool expects two types of input:

  • A CSV file containing past historical records of your site similar to the data shown above
  • A query in the form of a dictionary. 

The output: number of impressions for the corresponding query.

Some possible sample queries can be:

  1. {‘position’:3} 
  2. {‘position’: 3, ‘device’: ‘DESKTOP’,’country’ : ‘usa’} 
  3. {‘position’: 3, ‘device’: ‘DESKTOP’,’country’ : ‘usa’,’date’: ‘2023-04-12’}

Note: Our queries are flexible. As we start to include more and more parameters in our query, our PositionAnalyzer tool will return impression value will even higher confidence.


Most companies already understand that a higher position is directly proportional to more impressions. But quantifying that information and including additional parameters like Date, Device ,Country gives us a very good approximation of the impression with the help of our proprietary tool. This information can be pivotal to your companies’  investing strategy

January 29, 2023
min read
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Listen to the audio for this post: