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Unlock the Potential of ChatGPT: Guide to Crafting Effective Prompts

April 25, 2024
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The key here is to write meaningful prompts to make the most out of this AI tool.

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ChatGPT, the innovative AI chatbot from OpenAI is capable of stimulating meaningful human-like conversations. From small business owners to marketing professionals, healthcare as well as human resources can use it to level up their productivity. The key here is to write meaningful prompts to make the most out of this AI tool. 

So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into understanding how ChatGPT works and a lucrative list of the best prompts for ChatGPT that you can use!

1. Understanding ChatGPT Prompts

What are ChatGPT Prompts?

ChatGPT prompts are essentially the starting points for conversation with the ChatGPT tool or any other artificial intelligence (AI) powered tool. A prompt can be defined as a phrase or instruction that you give to the ChatGPT AI model to generate a response. These prompts can be anything from a question, or statement that would help in garnering meaningful results. 

What is ChatGPT Prompt Engineering?

ChatGPT prompt engineering is the practice of crafting prompts that effectively instruct ChatGPT to generate outputs. If you simply input a statement or question, the probability of a meaningful result decreases. To get accurate responses from this AI tool, you need to understand its behavior and adjust your wording accordingly.  

Is ChatGPT Trained on Prompts?

While ChatGPT was initially trained on large datasets of text, it does take your previous prompt into account when responding. For instance, if you have previously asked about sports shoes, and are now asking the AI tool about the best shoes, ChatGPT may make suggestions based on different sports shoes. Therefore, the more you personalize your question, the chances of getting specific responses increase. 

What is the Structure of a ChatGPT Prompt?

A ChatGPT prompt is usually written in an instructional format. It looks like you are talking to the AI to give an instruction to perform a certain task. Make sure your prompt is clear, concise, descriptive, as well as specific. 

Start by specifying your intent (e.g., generate 5 topics for a blog post) and provide any background information ChatGPT will need to respond accurately (such as the industry you want your blog to be, its format and type, or any other relevant information regarding your industry). Use natural language and keep your prompts focused on one particular topic or idea. Make sure to include the keywords that you want ChatGPT to focus on in its response. 

What is the Maximum Length of a ChatGPT Prompt?

There is no specific length that you need to maintain when writing a ChatGPT prompt. You need to consider if the prompt is too long, it may be difficult for the AI to ingest and process your query. However, if you need to use a longer prompt, you can break it down into smaller chunks and use a chained response method. Curate clear and concise prompts to get the best response.

Does ChatGPT Record Your Prompts?

Yes, ChatGPT collects and saves all your conversations as a part of its chat history. This data is used to further improve the language model. OpenAI has also mentioned that they might use the content submitted by users to ChatGPT and Dall-E to improve the model performance. 

Can ChatGPT Generate Completely Original Ideas Without Any External Input?

The answer is no. Although ChatGPT can curate impressive content, it cannot create completely creative and original content. This AI tool generates responses based on patterns in the data it was trained on and the conversation context. It can create ideas by combining and presenting existing concepts in new ways. 

However, its responses are influenced by the data it has been trained on and the input received during the conversation. While its answers may seem original, they are ultimately based on combining existing data rather than coming up with ideas independently.

2. Crafting Effective ChatGPT Prompts

Follow the below tips to write effective prompts for Chat GPT:

  • Start with Action Words: Start writing your prompts with clear action-oriented words like “Generate,” “Write,” “Explain,” or “Create.” Instead of asking, “Can you provide information on SEO strategies?,” you can try “Generate a list of effective SEO strategies.” Action-based prompts tend to produce specific and actionable responses. 

  • Add Context: One of the crucial aspects of writing a ChatGPT prompt is to add relevant context. When you are asking for advice or information, providing relevant background details is crucial. For instance, if you are enquiring about social media strategies, mention your industry, target audience, and objectives. This helps ChatGPT understand your needs better and provide tailored responses. 

  • Be Clear and Specific: Avoid vague or ambiguous prompts that can lead to vague responses. You need to make sure your prompts are concise and specific. Therefore, if you need content for a product or service description, specify what it is, its key features, along with the tone you want.

  • Experiment and IIterate: You can creatively explore by leveraging ChatGPT’s versatility. Experiment with different prompts to understand which type of prompt is providing you with the best results. 

  • Use Examples: To ensure ChatGPT understands your prompt, provide clear examples. You can share a sample paragraph or sentence and ask ChatGPT to follow a similar style. These examples work as an effective guide for generating content that aligns with your vision. 

  • Specify Length: You can also mention the desired response length when you want to content to be within the specific word limit. Whether you require a concise answer, a paragraph, or a detailed essay, indicating the length helps you in receiving the appropriate output. 

  • Guide the AI: When you have specific requirements for your content, it is beneficial to provide explicit instructions to this AI tool. Specify what you want to include, avoid, or prioritize in the response. This detailed guideline leads to precise and relevant answers. 

  • Clarify the Tone: If your content requires a specific tone, mention that clearly in your prompt. Whether it is a format report or an informative blog post, specifying the tone ensures ChatGPT aligns with your required style. 

  • Review and Refine: Like any skill, you need to practice curating effective prompts. Regularly review and refine your prompts to get accurate results. 

3. Best ChatGPT Prompts for Various Industries

Now that you know the requirements for writing awesome ChatGPT prompts, let’s check some of the best prompt for ChatGPT examples across different industries:


  • Write a product description for my [product or service or company].
  • Generate 5 distinct CTA messages and buttons [Your product].
  • Create a list of blog post ideas about [topic of your choice].
  • Write 20 email subject lines [your topic].
  • Create a [social media] campaign for launching an [your product], aimed at [your target audience].
  • Generate a list of 10 customer outreach topics that can be used to engage with potential buyers [mention industry along with product or service].
  • Structure a weekly [newsletter topic] newsletter.
  • Make a post showcasing the benefits of using our product [product name] for [specific problem/issue].
  • Write a minute-long script for an advertisement about [your product or service or company.
  • Create 2 Google Ads in an RSA format (using multiple headlines and descriptions) for an A/B test for [your product].


  • Provide a guide on managing finances for a small business. 
  • I need to prepare a presentation for a potential investor on [presentation topic]. Provide me some guidance on what to include.
  • Create three product bundles that maximize value for customers of a [describe your business].
  • Analyze the state of [your industry] and its trends, challenges, and opportunities, including relevant data and statistics. Provide a list of the major players in the industry and a short and long-term industry forecast. Also, explain any potential impact of current events or future developments.
  • Write three customer service scripts designed to resolve common customer inquiries efficiently. 
  • Develop an effective product roadmap to increase the number of Instagram posts. 
  • Generate a guide on networking and building partnerships as a business owner. 
  • I need to write an email to a client regarding a change in the project timeline. Can you give me some guidance on how to phrase it?
  • Write a detailed review of a [specific software or tool] for [describe your business].
  • Design an effective customer loyalty program for a [your business] that rewards repeat customers. 


Content Creation

  • Generate five unique topics for Instagram stories that will engage followers for a [your business or brand].
  • Create a lesson plan on [topic] for high school students.
  • Develop five creative ideas for a podcast service focusing on [niche/industry].
  • Write a blog post on the [topic of your choice.]
  • Develop five potential YouTube video ideas for introducing a new [niche of your brand] to viewers.
  • Create four compelling topics for Twitter or Threads about personal finance aimed at young professionals.
  • Design a content calendar for Facebook that includes posts, polls, tagging opportunities, and video content. 
  • Develop an appealing screenplay for a film that can fascinate its audience. First, create compelling characters, the setting of the plot, and dialogues between the characters. Once you are done building the characters, build a thrilling narrative full of unforeseen events to keep the audience entranced until the end. 
  • Create three Pinterest board ideas that showcase the benefits of [your brand’s products or programs].
  • Generate a list of ten LinkedIn articles to write for a [profession or topic of your choice] to level up my content game.

Web Development

  • Develop an architecture and code for a [website description] website with PHP.
  • Create three navigation menus that are optimized for user experience. The menus should be designed to guide users through a [website description] quickly and easily.
  • Write five tips for using an SEO plugin correctly to maximize website visibility and rankings. 
  • Help me find mistakes in the following code [paste code below].
  • Design three call-to-action buttons that can be used to increase conversions for an e-commerce store.
  • I want to implement server-side rendering for my Flutter application. Can you provide an example of how to do that using React?
  • Design two optimized contact forms to collect emails from [type of client] clients in the [type of industry].
  • Provide ten UX design tips and tricks that I can share on LinkedIn. 
  • Develop five ideas for interactive features that would enhance the user experience for a [website description].
  • Write a docstring for the following function [paste function below].


  • Write a paper outlining the topic [topic of your choice] in chronological order. 
  • Suggest 10 Chrome extensions for students designed to improve productivity while studying. 
  • Generate five essay prompts focusing on the impacts of climate change in [country of your choice]. 
  • Explain how probability works like I am [mention age] years old.
  • Develop two interactive activities to teach older elementary school children about the solar system.
  • Write three science experiments that illustrate the properties of water. 
  • Develop five discussion questions about world history that focus on the events of the 20th century. 
  • Create a magical system that emphasizes education and is based on [topic of your choice].
  • Write three quiz questions focusing on world geography for a group of [grade] students. 
  • Come up with 10 ways to improve memory and recall while studying for exams. 


  • Create an outline for a music video that tells the story of a romance between two people from the same neighborhood. 
  • Write a lyrical verse in the style of [artist name] about [topic].
  • Modify the following chord progression to make it more like a classic rock ballad: [insert progression]
  • I want to write a MIDI file. Can you provide python3 code that writes a simple tune using a for loop to add each note?
  • Write a hook for a pop song about the struggles of being a dancer.
  • Create a song in the pentatonic scale and 4/4 time to the [artist and song of your choice].
  • Design a six-chord progression to create a moody jazz instrumental track.
  • Develop 5 ideas for audio technology to mix a live recording for an acoustic performance.
  • How would you encode the melody to [song of your choice] as MusicXML?
  • Generate three soundbite ideas for interviews with music industry professionals. 

Healthcare and Wellbeing

  • Generate five infographic ideas for explaining the basics of mental health and how to cope with stress.
  • Describe an easy and beginner-friendly fitness routine for a working professional.
  • Design two email campaigns focusing on common skin conditions and how to look after aging skin.
  • What are some ways to cultivate a growth mindset?
  • Write a series of Instagram posts providing visitors to a medical website with tips on healthy eating habits.
  • List ten items sold at the grocery store that are generally considered inexpensive, surprisingly nutritious, and underrated. 
  • Create four blog posts explaining the importance of preventive care and wellness exams. 
  • Come up with 10 nutritious meals that can be prepared within half an hour or less. 
  • Write an outline for a healthcare social media policy that can be used to guide employees when posting on behalf of a medical practice. 
  • Offer a detailed explanation of the benefits and risks of alternative medicine practices, such as acupuncture and herbal remedies. 

AI ART (Midjourney)

  • Develop ten prompts that AI art tools like Midjourney can use to create images that illustrate outer space and galaxies. 
  • Design a modern logo with a moon for a marketing company. 
  • Develop two prompts for an abstract painting of a ship featuring warm tones and soft lines. 
  • Generate a surreal landscape with bright colors and organic shapes. Include a small figure in the foreground, with their back turned to the viewers.
  • Make a list of five concepts that can be used to create a portrait with the help of AI art tools. 
  • Create an abstract of a person with a dreamy, ethereal quality, using soft pastel colors and flowing lines. 
  • Design three prompts for an AI art piece inspired by the works of Pablo Picasso. 
  • How can I create a compelling concept for a series of illustrations [describe your vision]?
  • Come up with fresh concepts for daily planner designs- a brand-new approach for working professionals. 
  • Pretend you are creating a still-life painting featuring a vase of flowers. Generate five prompts that AI art tools like Midjourney can use to generate visuals for a painting. 

Food and Cooking

  • Create a meal plan for a week’s lunch for a family of three, consisting of two adults and one child.
  • Design for healthy snacks that use three ingredients or less.
  • I have lettuce, mushrooms, and tomatoes. What can I prepare with them for a vegetarian lunch? 
  • Create a delicious dessert recipe that can be enjoyed by someone with a nut allergy. 
  • List 10 vegan recipes that would be healthy dinners. 
  • Suggest a multi-course dinner party menu with summer ingredients. 
  • Generate seven ideas for vegetarian tacos that are not just beans and rice. 
  • Write a persuasive message to a potential employer explaining my relocation to a chef role. 
  • List five slow cooker recipes that can be prepared in one hour or less. 
  • What is a good food suggestion for someone who had a bad day? 

Games (Team collaboration)

  • Let’s play “Would you rather?.” I will give you two options and you have to choose which ones you would prefer. 
  • Let’s play Tic Tac Toe.
  • Let’s play trivia. 
  • Let’s play a game of “I Spy.” I will give you a clue and you have to guess the object I am thinking of. The clue is: “It’s something worn on your head.”
  • Play Hangman with me.
  • Let’s play rock paper scissors.
  • Make a coding challenge about AI taking over the world. 
  • Let’s play “Two Truths and a Lie.” Give me three statements about yourself, and I will try to guess which one is the lie. 
  • Let’s play word ladder. 
  • Let’s play a game of “20 Questions.” You can ask me yes or no questions to try and guess the word I am thinking of. I will give you a hint: It’s a type of vegetable. 


  • Generate three ideas for using video content to show prospects how easy it is to use a new online payment platform. 
  • Create a personalized sales email for my [niche] company selling [product].
  • Write a blog post about the importance of understanding customer needs before making a sales pitch. 
  • What are some creative ways to generate leads for my [niche] company?
  • Develop ten social media posts that highlight the value of a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) system. 
  • What cross-selling opportunities would you recommend for my [niche] business?
  • If you were creating a sales script for a [type of business] brand and launching new products [mention type of product], what three messages would you include?
  • Write a cold email to prospective customers to introduce them to my [niche] company and how it can benefit them with [unique selling points].
  • Pretend you are a customer looking to add a collaboration SaaS product to your tech stack. What pain points are you experiencing? What barriers do you have to bring this new product on?
  • Write an elevator pitch for a productivity app that offers users a way to plan, track, and manage tasks using their smartphone. 


  • Write CV bullet points with a quantifiable matrix for [mention the role].
  • Write a 100-word introduction for a resume highlighting the candidate’s qualifications and accomplishments in marketing and communications. 
  • Create a summary that conveys my passion for [insert industry/field] and my career aspirations.
  • Summarize a unique skill set for an HR manager role that reflects the candidate’s ability to lead and motivate teams.
  • Review my resume and suggest any improvements or edits. 
  • Develop a professional summary statement that effectively summarizes the experience in law. 
  • What are some common mistakes job seekers make in their resumes?
  • Create a one-page resume for an executive assistant position, highlighting exceptional organizational and administrative skills. 
  • Write a summary that emphasizes my unique selling point and sets me apart from other candidates.
  • Create bullet points for my most recent [insert job title] role that showcase my achievements and impact.


  • Write down five formulas for [metrics] in SQL code.
  • How can I use predictive analytics to optimize inventory management?
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis for [product/business name].
  • Outline a process for conducting a regression analysis on advertising data. 
  • What are the most important KPIs for [field/industry]?
  • How can time series analysis help in forecasting future sales?
  • Generate an example of a transaction dataset that [company] can create. 
  • What are some of the common challenges in data mining, and how can be they mitigated?
  • List down the mathematical formulas for the most important KPIs for [field/industry].
  • How can clustering algorithms help improve targeted marketing strategies?

Email Campaigns

  • Write an email template that can be used to boost customer loyalty for a [type of company] by encouraging them to refer to their friends and family members. 
  • How can I re-engage inactive subscribers on my email list?
  • Design five tips for creating effective CTA buttons that will drive more traffic to your ecommerce store. 
  • How can I use A/B testing to find out the best time to send my emails (and the best frequency)?
  • Pretend you are the CEO of a [type of brand]. You have subscribed to a competitive analysis newsletter and you have received your first email. What three key messages should the email include to pique your interest?
  • What are the top trends in [industry] that I can include in my next newsletter?
  •  Write a short feedback survey for [type of company] that will be included in a thank you note to the [your target customers]. Keep it short and simple, and use a grateful and upbeat tone.
  • Translate this email into [Japanese, Korean, Chinese, or any other language]. Keep the tone friendly and write it like a native. [Insert your original email body]
  • Create an email outline that will describe how a [type of company’s] subscription service features can save time and money for customers. 
  • Use the newsletter below and polish and improve its structure and tone. Make it more friendly. (You can add any other tone you like). Don’t exceed [number of words].


  • What are the UI cases that need to be considered when designing a [type of menu] menu?
  • Design four tips for improving the onboarding process for a mobile app that helps users track their budget.
  • Generate examples of UI design requirements for a desktop app. 
  • List three tips for designing a visual search interface that will make finding products faster and easier. 
  • As a designer, what are some of the gamification techniques I can add to a [type of app]?
  • What are some of the most important features to include when designing a new email template for a [type of business]?
  • What are some micro-interactions to consider when designing a [type of app]?
  • Develop four steps to consider when designing an AI assistant for a [type of product/service].
  • Generate a typography style guide for a mobile application in Excel format.
  • Write a series of survey questions that can be used to gain insight into what features users value most in [type of app].

Customer Service

  • Generate four ideas for using video content to demonstrate how customers set up a [product].
  • Give me ideas to make my customers receptive to my company’s offers. Provide the answer in bullet points. 
  • Develop an email template that will be used to remind customers of upcoming delivery deadlines for holiday orders.
  • Write five questions that customer service agents should ask to accurately diagnose a product or account issue for an internet services customer. 
  • Please provide 10 example phrases that customer service agents can use to display empathy. 
  • List down effective tips for customer service agents on handling angry customers over the phone.
  • Write an email to inform my clients about a looming downtime of my website due to an upgrade.
  • List ten FAQ questions customers might have when shopping online at a new [type of business].
  • Create a template that explains the standard retail return policy. 
  • Develop three social media post examples that explain the basics of the purchase policy in easy-to-understand language. 

Trading Strategy

  • Create a trading strategy that buys Nifty 50 stocks when the 14-day moving average crosses the above 50-day moving average and sells when the opportunity occurs. 
  • Develop a scalping strategy for intraday trading in Indian equity markets using level 2 data. 
  • Write a script that buys IT sector stocks when the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) crosses above zero and sells when it crosses below zero.
  • Curate a breakout strategy that buys NSE stocks when prices break above a specified resistance level and sells when they break below support.
  • Write a Python script that uses the Zerodha API to trade Nifty 50 options based on a straddle strategy.
  • Create a strategy that uses the Williams %R indicator to trade NSE stocks based on overbought and oversold conditions. 
  • Develop a trend reversal strategy that uses the Parabolic SAR indicator to trade mid-cap stocks. 
  • Write a script that uses the Moving Average Ribbon technique to trade Indian equities, buying when all shorter moving averages are above the longer ones. 
  • Write a Python script that uses Upstocks API to trade Nifty 50 futures based on a momentum strategy. 
  • Develop a pairs trading strategy using two highly correlated stocks in the Indian market.

Data Science

  • I have a dataset of [describe dataset]. Please write code for data visualization and exploration.
  • Describe the basics of predictive analytics and its applications.
  • I want you to act as a data scientist and code for me. I have a dataset of [describe dataset]. Please build a machine language model that predicts [target variables].
  • Generate three ideas for using natural processing language (NLP) to automatically generate insights from customer reviews and feedback.
  • Please write me a regex in Python that [describe regex].
  • Write a tutorial-style script for how to use linear regression to forecast sales figures.
  • I need a dataset that has X rows and Y columns. [Insert column names]
  • Pretend you are a data scientist at a large engineering firm. You need to develop an algorithm to predict which high-value customers will likely purchase a new product. What three features will be most important in determining purchase likelihood?
  • Create an infographic that explains how to use predictive algorithms to reduce customer churn rates. 
  • I have a time series dataset [describe dataset]. Please build a machine language model that predicts [target variables]. Please use [time range] as train and [time range] as validation.

Travel and Tourism

  • I want to plan a two-week backpacking trip to Singapore. I have a student’s budget, and I love finding local street food. Can you suggest an itinerary for me?
  • What are the top cultural festivals in [location] that tourists should experience?
  • How much money do I need as a tourist for [number of days] in [location]?
  • Provide tips for navigating local transportation in [location].
  • What are the most convenient airlines to go from [location name] to [location name]?
  • Suggest the best time of the year to visit [location] to avoid crowds and enjoy good weather.
  • Plan a $1000 5-day trip in Goa. Give me a detailed itinerary. 
  • Recommend family-friendly activities and attractions in [location].
  • What are the most scenic train routes in [location] for a memorable journey?
  • What are the top-rated restaurants in [location] within a budget of [mention budget and currency] per person? 


  • Give me three tips for using email marketing to upsell products to my existing customers. 
  • Create a chat message for our [company name] explaining our return policy sweetly and simply. 7 days for returns, no shipping fees, and the product needs to be in perfect shape. 
  • Here is a list of product titles: [Insert product titles]. Perform the following modifications to each product title: [List down the modifications]
  • Pretend that you own an online pet store. How would you design your website to convert first-time visitors into returning customers?
  • Explain in detail how to use A/B testing to determine the best product photos for an e-commerce store. 
  • Write a social media post for [company name] announcing a limited-time sale with 25% off on selected products. 
  • Write a JavaScript for Google Tag Manager that sends a Facebook Customer Conversion email when a callback button is clicked. 
  • Write five product descriptions that accurately showcase the features of a [type of product].
  • Create four customer service scripts that can be used when dealing with customer complaints. 
  • Write an engaging newsletter for our [company name] promoting our new line of [product types].

4. Using ChatGPT for Specific Content Needs

Let’s check out some ChatGPT prompt templates based on the different types of content and platforms:

Blog Content

ChatGPT prompts for content writing:

  • Generate a blog outline on the topic [insert topic]. The outline must have [number of] subheadings.
  • Create a list of 10 best [items] for [niche/industry].
  • You are a marketing specialist. Create a blog calendar for the month of [specific month and year] targeting [your target audience or niche]. Each week should have a distinct theme and the content should align with the overall goals and objectives of our blog [mention the specifications]. Consider a mix of educational, informative, and fun content. 
  • Here is a list of headings and subheadings on the [topic]. Draft relevant content for these subheadings to create blog posts. 
  • You are a [type of write- mention your specialty]. You have to write an engaging [review/listicles/how-to-guide/case study or other type of content piece] on [topic]. Here is what you need to cover [add points]. 

SEO Content

ChatGPT prompts for SEO content:

  • Create a detailed SEO content brief using the primary keyword [insert keyword] and secondary keywords [insert keywords].
  • Identify the top keywords related to [topic] that will drive relevant traffic to [website] and help it rank better on search engine result pages. 
  • Identify the content gaps in this article and suggest questions/subheadings to fill these gaps: [Insert competitor content].
  • Generate a checklist for conducting an SEO audit of this kind of content: [add content sample].
  • Draft an outreach email pitching for a guest post. Make sure to include five title ideas based on the keyword [add keywords] and include the following points: [add a list of points].

Social Media Content

ChatGPT prompts for social media posts:

  • Generate a detailed social media plan for the topic [add topic]. Include the type of social media content to post, the topics to cover, and the right times to post.
  • Create a list of ideal click-through rates for social media posts targeting [your target audience].
  • Write an informative LinkedIn post. The target audience is [define target audience]. Keep the post [mention tone]. Include CTA and hashtags where possible. 
  • Suggest 5 ideas for a social media poll on the topic [mention topic]
  • What metrics should I track when creating social media content on the topic [add topic]? Include metrics like bounce rate, page views, etc.


ChatGPT prompts for copywriting:

  • Create a web copy for the About Us page for a website [website name], explaining the mission and vision of the brand. (Provide additional details of your brand).
  • Give me a list of 5 catchy hero headers for a [type product/service] website.
  • Generate a list of 10 CTA phrases for my website [website name].
  • Write unique website content stating the purpose and agenda of the brand.
  • Create a value proposition for a [company] providing [product/service details]. Make sure that it communicates all the benefits of choosing the [product/service].

Video and Podcast Content

ChatGPT prompts for video and podcast writing:

  • Create a video on [topic] for [platform name]. Generate an attention-grabbing title, hashtags, and video script that would boost the post and make it viral. 
  • Write a short/long description for the video: [insert video script].
  • Generate 5 hooks for the following video focusing on [subject] and [target audience]: [add the video link or insert transcript]
  • Create a 2-minute podcast script highlighting the features and benefits of [product/service].
  • Write a compelling podcast intro on the topic [mention topic]. 



Thus, you can make the most out of ChatGPT by using these prompts. Use the ChatGPT ideas and experiment with them to find out what works best for you or your business. You can utilize ChatGPT for content writing, data science, social media, email marketing, cooking, and more. So, start using these prompts or tweak them according to your requirements to get the desired results. 

April 25, 2024
min read
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